Two datasets are available within Atlas 2023. Origin destination matrix of the commutes abbreviates as EDGE COMMUTE, and structure of the main population mobility indicators, abbreviated as VERTEX ATTRIBUTE. Time aggregation is AVERAGE WEEKDAYS IN MONTH where for each year-month aggregation is computed for average Mondays, Tuesdays, ..., Sundays. Within BI tool quicksight we present these datasets as ready-to-use products for users´ inspiration and demonstration of basic features.

When you click on a pictogram, you will be granted a session to access business intelligence (BI) service powered by Amazon QuickSight . This includes predefined views of data with basic analytics functions and possibility to print and download filtered results in machine readable formats. You will not be subject to any charges for the service provided. The session expires in 20 minutes. When you leave the page generated by the session or the session expires, the setting you made within the page will reset. You may call another session from this page any time.

The language of data products is English. You may use English - Czech specific dictionary to translate the core terminology.

In case your task require more complex analysis raw data sets shall be used in your own analytical tool. See Publication of Atlas of Population Mobility In Czechia Results.

You may access analyses of the data of Atlas of Population Mobility in Czechia (Atlas 2023) from this page under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. When using our data, please cite the source of the data and provide a link to our website 1. You should also include the date when you accessed the data as we may update content in time. History of versions is archived.

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  1. VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. (2023). Atlas of Population Mobility In Czechia. Retrieved from Accessed: [yyyy-mm-dd]. (Note. Contribution clause: By downloading and using the data from our website, you agree to acknowledge our contribution by citing the source of the data as Atlas of Mobility and providing a link to our website. You also agree to inform us of any publications, presentations, or other materials that make use of the data, and to include an acknowledgment of our contribution in those materials.)